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  • 世界を超えて私はあなたに会いに行く cover
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    世界を超えて私はあなたに会いに行く by Lee Kkoch-Nim

    Originally written in Korean by Lee Kkoch-Nim and translated into Japanese by Akiko Yashima, 世界を超えて私はあなたに会いに行く (known in English as I Will Cross Time for You), is a heartwarming, yet heartbreaking story about two young women, both named Eunyu, who are writing letters to each other across time. The story is told exclusively through the letters they write to each other, with one Eunyu writing from 2016 and the other writing starting in 1982. Through these letters, we learn a lot about each of the women. We learn about their deepest fears and their biggest dreams. There is turmoil for both and a ton of misunderstandings, but also a lot of…

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